This policy is provided for member schools in order to meet the following objectives in relation to extreme weather conditions particularly in the case of hot weather, but also in other circumstances such as severe storms, electrical storms or extremely cold conditions.


  1. To provide guidelines for members so that their duty of care responsibilities are acknowledged and addressed and to ensure that the Association has acted responsibly in these circumstances.
  2. To establish structures and procedures to assist members in making decisions efficiently.
  3. To establish consistency of practice.


HOT WEATHER BLANKET CANCELLATION PROCEDURES (other than for water based sports)


For Saturday sport and weekday sport

If the temperature for the forthcoming SATURDAY is forecast at 38C in the Friday’s Advertiser all SAAS sport primary and secondary, with the possible exception of first XI cricket, will be cancelled.


If the forecast temperature is less than 38 degrees but conditions are considered as extreme, the SAAS Executive Officer in consultation with The Chair of Executive and Coordinators will inform both Coordinators and Principals of schools by either/or fax/ email if sport is to be cancelled.


 This should occur as soon as possible on Thursday morning prior to the Saturday’s games.

 Coordinators will then be expected to communicate with students/coaches/parents in informing them of the situation. First XI cricket may be cancelled on an assessment of local conditions when either one or both Director of Sport (or other senior school members of staff) decides that the match should be cancelled.  Playing conditions will be varied in hot weather to allow for extra drinks breaks and variations to playing time.  When making a decision SACA guidelines for afternoon cricket should be taken into consideration.


For mid week Primary sport 

If the maximum temperature in the Advertiser on Friday morning is forecast to be 35 degrees or more all games are to be cancelled for Friday afternoon.



A school may elect to cancel fixtures where the forecast temperatures are lower levels than those stated above where local conditions are more severe and poses an increased risk for student participations.



The SAAS Executive Officer in consultation with the Chair of the Executive may issue a blanket cancellation where weather conditions across the metropolitan area are considered to be so extreme as to warrant such a cancellation.


It is recognised that local conditions (hail, lightning, rain etc) could impact upon proceeding with games.  Fixtures may be cancelled by eithr participating school if deemed necessary.


Due to the inability to accurately forecast electrical stormsd and the likelood of vlery localised weather patterns it is not possible or practical to create a poliocy that can be applied to all venues on any particular day.  However the following guidelines should be considered and followed:

  • If the weather forecast is for possible thunderstorms/lightning remain vigilant for approaching storms and/or changing or rapidly deteriorating conditions.
  • If you see lightnihg apply the "30-30 Rule".  Count the time from seeing lightning to when accompanying thunder clap is heard, if less than 30 seconds (storm is less than 10 kms away) go immediately to a safer place.  Wait 30 minutes after the last thunder clap before continuing play in an open area.
  • Hearing thunder means that lightning is likely to be within striking range.
  • In the event of thunderstorm/lightning where player/officials/spectator welfare is deemed unsafe by either team coach (or referee) play should be suspended.
  • If conditions improve - remember the 30-30 rule and wait 30 minutes, games may recommence.
  • This may require some modification to duration of game.
    Heavy rain/Hall/Wind Gusts
    Heavy rain or hail is unlikely to present as a significant personal injury risk to participants.  However, heavy rain or hail may leave a playing surface dangerous and therefore unplayable!
  • As is the case with lightning/thunderstomrs it is not possibloe to have in place a policy that can be applied to all venues on a particular day.  The following guidelines should be followed.
  • Recommendations and Guidelines
  • In the event of heavy rain or hail, if the conditions such as the safety of the playing surfacre or player welfare are deemed unsafe by either team coach (or referee), then play should initially be suspended.
  • If the conditions improve i.e. rain stops or eases to what is considered a safe level by coaches/referees and the playing surface can be cleared or drained sufficintly to enable play to re-commence, games should then be completed.
  • This may also require a modification of existing rules regarding the duration of the game.


The Sports Medicine Australia Hot Weather Guidelines may be helpful to schools when making decisions to cancel sporting fixtures based on local conditions.

 Endorsed by Executive Committee November 2012

Last Update: 4/12/2014
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