The Sports Association for Adelaide Schools (SAAS) aims to:

· provide an educational purpose and value through activities between member schools.

· provide and encourage fellowship and interaction between member schools through sport.

provide high quality competition for all who participate and to encourage the importance of sport in a healthy lifestyle.  Lower divisions where participation is the main aim should also be an important part of the competition.

(Constitution pg 3)

The key characteristics of the SAAS Competition are:

· high standards of sportsmanship

· the provision of safe and suitable sporting environments and equipment

· School staff supervision of venues

· Suitably qualified officiating

· Courteous conduct from players, coaches/managers and spectators

All involved – schools, coaches/managers/players and spectators – are responsible for ensuring that the above aims and characteristics are enacted in all SAAS competitions.

Responsibilities of Principals
Sports Coordinators


It is the responsibility of all SAAS schools to:

· foster sound attitudes towards sport in their coaches/managers, players and spectators

· provide, when hosting matches, a safe and suitable environment for competition, including ready access to medical care, changing rooms, toilets, etc

· ensure that their coaches/managers have basic first aid training as a minimum and that all their teams are equipped with an appropriate first aid kit

· shown courtesy to visiting schools and, when visiting other schools, to respect their premises and rules

· fulfil, wherever possible, all team entry obligations (eg full teams, no forfeits, etc). Where unavoidable change is necessary, early notification to the opposing school is essential.

· ensure that they provide adequate staff supervision at all venues

· follow the SAAS Disciplinary and Reporting Procedures


It is the responsibility of coaches/managers to:

· remember at all times that the SAAS sporting competition is primarily conduced for the educational and social benefits of the students and that winning or losing are secondary to this

· encourage student leadership on and off the field and promote as wide a student participation in sport as possible

· insist on high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, punctuality and dress

· strongly discourage public questioning of umpires’ decisions and petulant displays of dissent

· intervene promptly in cases of unacceptable behaviour (by taking a player from the game or applying a similar sanction)

· intervene promptly to discourage spectators from any inappropriate language or behaviour, especially when directed towards the opposition or umpires

· implement and follow the Code of Practice
follow the SAAS Disciplinary and Reporting Procedures


It is the responsibility of players to:

exhibit high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy at all times

· accept the umpire’s decision without question or dissent

· accept winning with modesty and losing with grace

· and specifically to refrain from:

· inappropriate language (eg swearing, abuse, sledging, racist taunts or other verbal harassment etc)

· cheating or unfair tactics, including belittling or provocative behaviour designed to upset opponents

· deliberate violence to another player


It is the responsibility of spectators to:

· set an example of good sportsmanship by providing support that is constructive and positive not critical and negative

· refrain from giving advice to a coach/manager, umpire or player during a match

· assume some responsibility for making visiting spectators feel welcome

· respect the premises and rules of a host school

SAAS Disciplinary and Reporting Procedures

Umpires in all SAAS competition games have the authority to send a player off the field either for a temporary or permanent period, depending on the nature of the offence and whether or not prior warnings have been heeded.

Where an umpire is not present (eg tennis) it is the responsibility of the coach/manager to intervene in cases of unacceptable behaviour (by taking the player from the game or applying a similar sanction)

SAAS Report Card

A player excluded by an umpire for the duration of a game (red card) is to be reported to the Headmaster/Principal of his/her school via the SAAS Report Card.

Coaches/Managers are responsible for seeing that the SAAS Report Card is completed by the relevant umpire in the event of a player being sent off for the duration of a game (red card)

Coaches/Managers are further responsible for ensuring that the completed Report Card is sent to the Sports Coordinator of the school from which the reported player comes

The Sports Coordinator, having sighted and signed the report Card, is responsible for passing it on to the Headmaster/Principal

The Headmaster/Principal is responsible for taking appropriate action and then communicating that action via the Report Card to the Headmaster/Principal of the opposing school and to the SAAS Executive Officer


Open A teams in winter contact sports must wear numbers on their shirts

In Australian Rules football

· a player who utters an audible obscenity or other form of inappropriate language directed to an umpire/official/player/spectator is to be immediately sent off the field for the remainder of the quarter and the following quarter

· a player who utters an audible obscenity in frustration is to be given a warning – a 25 metre penalty will result. A subsequent offence will result in the player being sent off.

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